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Dr. Neeta Somani D.D.S

Smile Gallery

When you’re considering a change in your smile, it’s helpful to see the results that ot her patients have achieved. Because every patient’s needs and desired outcomes are different, your treatment at our office will be different from the individuals below. Having said that, Dr. Neeta Somani prides herself in providing the same high level of patient-centered care to every patient that she sees.

Cosmetics Dental Treatment Before and After photos

  • This patient is a highly successful businessman who is extremely outgoing, but felt that his smile was not so attractive. After evaluating his smile design, he decided that he wanted porcelain veneers on his top teeth as far back as his smile would show. So we placed 10 veneers with a light natural color. He now smiles with confidence which compliments his personality.

  • This is a young, outgoing and attractive woman. She came to me because she didn’t like thegaps between her small front teeth along with the color. Her teeth were small and unsymmetrical, looked almost like children’s teeth .We modified the gum tissue so it appeared more natural and then placed veneers on her front top 6 six teeth to close the gaps, correct their shape and size and to give them a natural light shade. We are very happy that she now has a smile to be proud of!

  • This patient wanted the spaces in her teeth closed and to get a better shape and size , but the most important thing to her was a very natural appearance: No Hollywood smile! She was told that she needed two to three years of braces and surgery. Also the previous dentist refused to do braces as she had some trauma to her front teeth. Dr. Somani did some correction with orthodontics, stabilized the bite and then finally veneers and crowns. Patient was pleased beyond words at the transformation and is very happy with her smile.

  • The patient was very conscious of the chipped tooth and did not like it showing in his smile. A very conservative bonding made him happy! Even on a close-up you cannot see the bonding.

  • This patient fractured his lower left incisor and was always conscious of it showing in his smile.A Conservative bonding fixed the chip and the patient couldn’t be happier!

  • This young man had an accident and the upper left incisor got discolored. The crown gave him back his smile!

  • The patient had old crowns and the worn-down, teeth that she was unhappy with. Her teeth on left side were wearing down. Her treatment: Correct the bite that was out of balance causing the worn teeth, then porcelain crowns and veneers.

  • This patient had severely worn down teeth and his previous dentist gave him very short crowns to accommodate his bite. Patient did not show any teeth on smiling and was very frustrated with all the dental work. We opened his bite to the correct height and gave him a dazzling smile with crowns.! The results are fabulous and will have life changing results.

  • This patient had a chipped tooth and did not like the way it showed in his smile. These conservative restorations corrected the patient's primary concern.

  • She is a very lively patient, but had some decayed and broken teeth. She is so pleased with her treatment and now is smiling even wider!

  • This pt. had medical issues due to which he lost almost all his teeth. He had lot of broken and infected teeth. The immediate dentures gave him back his esthetics and function!

  • This nice lady lost her upper teeth due to decay and faulty restorations. Implant supported bridge gave her back her front teeth and the patient was ecstatic!

  • This patient lost her upper left teeth due to decay. Implant supported bridge were able to give her back her teeth!

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