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Dr. Neeta Somani D.D.S

Our Technology

Dr. Somani believes in using the best in technology and has some state-of-the-art equipment to help deliver the best in dental excellence.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays provide multitude of benefits to both patients and the doctor. Just like digital photography has changed photography, digital x-rays have revolutionalized the field of dentistry.

  • They use less intensity radiation.
  • They require less exposure time.
  • They provide highly enhanced image qualities
  • X-Ray software allows you to zoom in on the problem areas, unlike regular x-ray films, taking the guess-work out of the equation!
  • They enable the doctor to diagnose better and provide accurate treatment plans to meet your dental needs
  • No waiting for x-ray films to develop!

Come and see for yourself what a difference this makes. We are proud to provide Dexis digital X-Ray systems. It is rated among one of the best digital x-ray systems in the world providing best in class image clarity and sharpness, and is rated as THE MOST COMFORTABLE digital x-rays by patients!

Invisible Braces

Heard about the latest in braces? They have disappeared! Yes, we also offer invisible braces. Invisalign is probably the most popular among the options that are out there. Ask us on your next visit if this is right for you!

Porcelain Veneers

If you would get a wishing wand, is there something you would like to change about your smile? Well, allow us to fulfill your wish. Check our procedures on veneers for more information. We use the latest technology from Lumineers and da Vinci Studios to make sure you get the great smile that you deserve!

Teeth Whitening

What is the number one question on people's mind as it relates to their dental health? You got it - whiter teeth. Come in and check out the in-office teeth whitening.

Intra-Oral Camera

Remember those days when your dentist tried to explain to you about a condition of your tooth or gum, and you strained hard to see it with a small mirror? Well, you can put those memories in nostalgia. Now, with intra-oral cameras, you can see the exact situation in front of you, on a big-screen!

Computerized Management System

When you visit us for your dental care, you will notice that all of your information is available to the doctor and the staff at the click of a button. Right from your perio-charting to any clinical conditions and allergies that you have, all of the information is available in each of our operatories, so we can better assist you and personalize our care to meet your needs.

So we use Softdent patient management software developed by Kodak. The system allows us to schedule your follow-up appointments and check on your treatment plans, in addition to any insurance information that you may have. We can also send you reminders, and if you provide us an e-mail address, we can e-mail it right to your inbox!